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Denise Stoughton | Designer

Quotation marks for background purposes.
Quotation marks for background purposes.

“Denise is a diamond in the rough! She listens, has a great eye for detail, and comes up with ideas that are aligned with your vision and style. After just a few hours of consulting with Denise, we had a clear direction and game plan on how to move forward with our kitchen, family, living and master bedrooms! Quite a tall order and so valuable! I would highly recommend Denise for her interior decorating services. Her Modern Airhead products are also definitely worth checking out. What a great mix of art and greenery, and a beautiful accent to any room. Thank you, Denise, for all of your support. You are inspiring and just what we needed!”

Interior Design Client Aaryn

Bainbridge Island

“Denise Stoughton is an extraordinary talent! She is high energy, has a take charge attitude and possesses an acute attention for detail.

I asked Denise to update my 13-year-old traditional home. With a budget of $200K and short completion date of 6 months, Denise had total control over all aspects of the project from design concept, project management and execution. She made all decisions regarding paint, carpet, drapes, furnishings (inside and outside) and of initial landscaping.

Denise worked overtime to complete the project on schedule and under budget!

I now live in a stylish, modern, waterfront home. It’s exactly everything I wanted but couldn’t envision myself - all because of one person, Denise Stoughton! Thank you so much! ”

Interior Design Client Eldon Howard

Eldon Howard
Edgecombe PL NE
Bainbridge Island

“Denise's work is Transforming! I am the Branch Director of Global Luxury for Coldwell Banker Bain on Bainbridge Island. Consequently, opportunities for me to showcase and view luxury homes are consistently part of my routine. Denise began the work of updating this home with remarkable insight and reassuring confidence, illustrating her experience and her professionalism immediately. She facilitated all the bids, hiring of sub contractors, as well as their work schedules with competence and excellent communication. The work completed on this home was absolutely perfect! Denise demonstrated the ability to listen, assess and guide my client thru a whole home design with amazing results, while delivering on budget and on time. Hiring a interior designer is an exercise in trust. I look forward to recommending her services to anyone looking for high end competency in the field of interior design. She has a great eye and a very special expertise

You can rest assured you are in good hands with Denise! ”

Interior Design Client Carii Clawson

Carii Clawson, Broker/Realtor
Branch Director Global Luxury
Bainbridge Island

“Teaming with Denise on projects establishes a high level of professionalism and efficiency with our clients. Her ability to understand their goals, interpret their vision and present it in an organized and thoughtful manner brings value and comfort to the process. A pleasure to work with!”

Interior Design Client Rob Smallwood

Rob Smallwood
Smallwood Design
& Construction
Bainbridge Island

“Denise is very knowledgeable in the latest home fashion trends and decorating with great style! I would highly recommend working with her to design your home office, work office, or to make your house a cozy home.”

Interior Design Client Caryn T

Caryn T.
Boynton Beach, FL

“Denise did a beautiful job transforming my daughter’s bedroom into her dream space. In a short amount of time (the transformation was a surprise we pulled off while she was traveling) Denise created and executed a vision that was spot-on for my 10-year old daughter and something she can continue to grow with. Denise was amazing to work with. She incorporated many pieces we already had and gave everything a new cohesive look that is gorgeous! She stayed right on budget and If we couldn’t find the perfect piece- she made it! From choosing paint colors to accessorizing- the whole process was a blast. Denise is so talented and very fun to work with.”

Interior Design Client Tara Kenneway

Tara Kenneway
Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Design